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Licensed Characters

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“Don Freeman’s endearing bear-character Corduroy returns in a charming theater-themed tale, here written by award-winning actress Viola Davis. Accompanied by her mother, Lisa and her stuffed-bear, Corduroy, are heading to see a play. But after taking their seats, and music starts, Corduroy, inadvertently and unnoticed, falls from his perch on Lisa’s lap. Thus begins Corduroy’s unexpectedly eventful journey to see the show too, from orchestra pit, to backstage, to actually being part of the play, before happy reunion with Lisa. While young ones will likely recognize and enjoy the Mother Goose references the performed play features—like Bo-Peep or “Rock-A-Bye-Baby”—Corduroy’s adventures also provide an inviting look at what happens offstage. Throughout, the activities and excitement of his experiences, including behind-thescenes—crew members, scenery changes, props and more—are well-captured and conveyed in both text and Wheeler’s expressive scratchboard and colored-ink illustrations, which are in the stylistic manner of Freeman’s own, providing a sense of cohesiveness and continuity to the original books. Ultimately, a delightful new act for ever-curious Corduroy—and an entertaining introduction to the theater.”

— Shelle Rosenfeld

“Perhaps the book’s most valuable visual aspect is featuring people of color in all elements of the theater, from Lisa and her mother, of course, to the orchestra pit, stage manager, and actors . . . A sweet story that will have children clamoring to see a show, perhaps with their own bears.”
Kirkus Reviews

“As they provide a lovely bit of backstory for Corduroy fans, the creators of Corduroy Lost and Found again show their prowess at recreating Freeman’s inviting narrative and scratchboard art.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Ever since I was a child this book has been one of my favorites. There’s something special about a story about a little teddy bear. Even to this day I tear up a little every time I read it. Corduroy finds himself lost as he searches for the perfect birthday present for Lisa. The story draws you deeper into his journey with every page. The illustrations add to the story because of how much they pop off the page.”
–Kaitlyn A. (Source: Goodreads)


Works by: Don Freeman

Artwork Contributor: Jody Wheeler

“A watercolor illustration in twilight shades shows the previous skeptics converted, as grasshoppers and frogs gather to watch the praying mantis who is now a playing mantis, using a bluebird’s feather as a bow on his homemade cello. The audience members contribute their own music to create a “glorious insect symphony.” Freeman’s wispy, occasionally unfinished-looking art ably animates this breezily written story with an upbeat ending.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“Loose, humorous chalk and watercolor spots help turn this beginning reader into a page-turner.” —Publishers Weekly


Author: Andrew Sharmat & Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler




Author: Ludwig Bemelmans

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler


Author: Rosemary Wells

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler

Author: Jancie N. Harrington

Artwork Contributor: Jody Wheeler

(Based on the characters by Jack Ezra Keats)

Created illustrations of Olivia the Pig based on character created by: Ian Falconer


Author: James Sherman

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler

Golden Books: Moon Dreamers

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler



Illustrator: Jody Wheeler


    Phone: (212) 775-1484

    Email: wheelart50@aol.com